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VentiRoll AV295/AV340™

VentiRoll™ is a premium grade dry fix solution designed to replace traditional cement mortar for ridge and hip. The unique design of VentiRoll™ enable formation over extreme roof profiles, preventing wind-driven rain from entering the peaks and corners of the roof while facilitating roof ventilation.

The ridge tree (recommended to be use with VentiRoll™) acts as a guide for optional alignment for fixing of ridge and hip saddle, which aesthetically compliments the ridge and hip line.

Product Data

Side Strips Coated Aluminium foil with novel pleating technology providing a minimum 30% stretchability
Middle Section Fleece with innovative ventilation technique
Roll Dimensions AV295 AV340
Length 10m 10m
Width 295mm 340mm
Colours Red/Anthracite/Dark Brown

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VersaFlash™ AF280/AF300

VentiFlash™ is a premium grade dry fix abutment solution specifically designed to replace traditional metal flashing. The versatile design of VersaFlash™ enable flashing over extreme roof profiles while maintaining its watertight seal to the roof surface.

The flashing strip when used in conjunction with VersaFlash™ further enhances the watertight tightness capabilities at abutments. It is recommended that the flashing strip to be sealed with weather resistant sealant.

Product Data

Roll Dimensions
Length 5m 10m
Width 280mm 300mm
Thickness 2 ± 0.2mm 2 ± 0.2mm
Available Colors Red/Anthracite/Dark Brown/Primer Coated

Flashing Strip
Material Clean colorbond® steel
Length 1.22m
Width 65mm
Available Colors Red/Anthracite/Dark Brown/Zinc

Installation guide for applying VersaFlash™

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