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Monier Advanced Solar Heating System

Capturing the solar energy with energy efficient roofing solutions

As part of MONIER's Energy Efficient Roofing Solutions, MONIER® Solar Water Heating System is an energy-saving, safe and high performance system that taps on the abundant natural resources of the sun to fulfill your water heating needs in a clean, environmentally friendly manner with zero impact on the eco-system. In addition to saving on your traditional water heating energy consumption, you also protect the environment by using free energy in a more efficient way.

Our Solar Water Heating System can easily be incorporated and is in compliance with all MONIER® Roof Systems. You can maximise your cost savings by creating an energy efficient roof with our CoolRoof System for cool comfort and Toplight® to brighten your home with natural sunlight.

Monier Advanced Solar Heating System is part of Monier's energy efficient products, click the logo to find out more


  • Better Savings - Enjoy ZERO electricity consumption and maximise your cost savings
  • Safe - Eliminates potential electrical hazards
  • Energy Saving - Minimises the use of electricity by maximising the use of natural resources of the sun
  • Comfortable - Provides the comfort of a warm shower during rainy days or cold mornings
  • Environmental-Friendly - Minimises impact on the environment through efficient and eco-friendly use of energy
  • Convenient - Designed to give you optimum convenience by providing immediate hot water at all times

There are two different types water heating system that you can choose based on the type of installation. Please click to know more about Indirect System. For Direct System please click to know more

Indirect System

MONIER's Premium range of Solar Water Heating System is designed with a technically superior indirect heating system and is suitable for concealed installation, solving our customer's needs for aesthetically seamless finish. This system channels the sun's energy into the solar collector and heats up a transition fluid which transfer heat to the cold water in the storage tank. Low maintenance is required as no direct water is channeled through circulation system and water heats up faster.

Direct System

MONIER's Standard range of Solar Water Heating System utilises a direct system which optimises your water heating requirements. This system absorb the sun's energy through its solar collection, turning the cold water into hot water; which rises to the water storage tank. The constant heat absorption process will ensure continuous hot water supply whenever you need it. This system offers a choice of three sizes - 180 litres, 300 litres and 450 litres.

Overall Dimension

Capacity (Storage Tank) Premium 300 (Aesthetic Installation) 300 litres Premium 300 (Classic Installation) 300 litres Standard 180 (Classic Installation) 180 litres Standard 180 (Classic Installation) 300 litres Standard 450 (Classic Installation) 450 litres
Panel Dimension (LxWxH)mm 1940 x 2290 x 75mm 1940 x 2290 x 75mm 1940 x 1016 x 75mm 1940 x 2290 x 75mm 1940 x 3320 x 75mm
Outer Cylinder Case Material Aluminium Stucco Zinc Aluminium Alloy Steel
Tank Insulation High Density Pressure Injected Polyurethane Foam High Density Pressure Injected Polyurethane Foam
Design Ultrasonic welding Permanent molecular bonding between fin and riser tube results in high heat absorption and better efficiency Plate & Tube
Plate Material Copper Aluminium/Copper
Surface Coating Titanium Blue Panel Matt Black Polyester
Absorption Coefficients > 0.96 ± 0.02 > 0.94 ± 0.1
Riser Tube Quantity 16 6 12 18
Casing Material Aluminium Zinc Aluminium Alloy Steel
Glass Material Low Iron Tempered Glass Tempered Glass
Glass Thickness 3.0 mm 4.0mm 4.0mm 3.2mm
Conceal Tray Required Not Required Not Required Not Required Not Required
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