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BMI Monier Toscana® Warisan (Clay Roofing)

BMI Monier Toscana® Warisan is a modern version of the classic high roll profile seen on the roofs throughout Europe for centures. It offers time-tested design, enhanced durability and improved leak-proof performance with ingeniously designed double interlocking system.


  • Excellent Geometric Accuracy
    • Each tile is placed in individual support during drying and then in H-cassette
    • These steps prevent distortion and ensure dimensional accuracy and consistency
  • High Tropical Rain Resistance
    • Precise and sharp contours offer dimensional stability to provide excellent leak-proof performance
    • Double interlocking system at the head and side of the tile ensures superb leak prevention in Malaysian tropical weather
  • Superior Tile Strength & Surface Coating Durability
    • Each tile is fired at temperatures up to 1000℃
    • It makes the tile extremely strong and its surface coating extra durable

Product Data

Length (L) 430mm
Width (W) 290mm
Weight(Appox.) 4 kg/pc (48 kg/㎡)
Batten Gauge 350mm ± 5mm
Min HeadLap 75mm - 85mm
Coverage 12 pcs/㎡ (based on 75mm headlap)
Minimum Pitch 20 ° *

* Batten spacing has to be calculated based on actual rafter length. The maximum rafter length span 6 meters.

Color Chart


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