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ASC Concrete Roofing Tiles

ASC Heritage Concrete Roofing Tiles Technical Specifications

Construction Extruded concrete interlocking roofing tile with fused or integral colour and clear sealer coat
Application Roof and wall covering in pitch range 12.5° - 90°
Composition Portland cement, graded aggregates, iron oxide colouring, various performance improving additives and transparent finishing coat
Dimension 438 mm (Length) x 330 mm (Width)
Weight 4.8 kg (approximate)
Fire Rating Rated incombustible
Water absorption < 10% water by weight
Strength Transverse breaking load strength ≥ 1133N
Tile per m² 9.5 pcs (on 75mm head lap)
Batten Spacing 362 mm for 75mm head lap


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