Weng Wai Trading Sdn Bhd

Golden Clay Industries (GCI) Clay Roofing Tiles

Marseille Profile


Marseille Colour Chart

Marseille Roofing Fittings

Marseille Technical Specifications

Size (Estimated) 420 mm x 260 mm
Weight (Estimated) ± 3.5 kg
Coverage 13.5 tiles per m²
Battent Spacing 345mm
Roof pitch (min) 20°

GCI Std 'S' Pantile



GCI Std 'S' Pantile Colour Chart

GCI Std 'S' Pantile Fittings

GCI Std 'S' Pantile Technical Specifications

Size Estimated 420 mm x 280 mm
Weight Estimated ± 3.5 kg
Coverage 12.5 tiles per m²
Batten Spacing 345mm
Roof pitch (min) 18°

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