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Monier Compactroll II for dry ridge and hip solution and Ridge Tree

Using Monier's Compactroll II eliminate the need for cement and mortar for ridge and hip fixing. Each Compactroll II is made from PAN Flee Ventilating UV-Stablized with coated aluminium side strips which ease installation process and longer lasting than traditional methods of cement and mortar fixing.

Compactroll II Product Data

Specification Compactroll II 295 Compactroll II 340
Width 295mm 340mm
Length 10m 10m
Weight(kg)/roll 2.6kg/roll 2.7kg/roll
Available colours> Red/Brown/Granite Red/Brown/Granite

Ridge Tree

Product Data Ridge Tree
Material Galvanised Steel
Application 1 pc per rafter at the ridge/hip
Packaging 10pcs/bag
Recommended Specifications Monier Ridge Tree (galvanised steel support) with timber runner (by others) to be installed with Monier Compactroll II in accordance with Monier recommended installation method

Installing Ridge Tree and Compactroll II


Topflex II

Topflex II is an alternative to Compactroll II. You can apply Topflex II without RidgeTree although it is recommended. The width is slightly smaller compared to Compactroll II. Topflex II comes into 2 different lengths, namely 5m or 10m. Please use the Product Specification below for comparison.

Product Data
Material Aluminium composite surface with self-adhesive high tech compound
Surface Colours Brown/Antharcite(Black)
Length & Width of Roll 5m x 250mm / 10m x 280mm
Weight of roll 0.95kg/roll
Please take note Topflex II is recomemended for Monier Elabana Tropical (or its equivalent) and Monier Nordica (or its equivalent). Height if the tile peak should not be more than 42mm

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