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Wakaflex - Leak-Proof solution for wall flashing

Wakaflex is the premium product from Monier designed especially for dry fix wall flashing. It is made of 5-sheet laminate that incorporated self-bonding feature which ease the application process. It is best used with Monier Wakastrip to provide additional sealing against water ingress. For more information on Wakastrip please scroll down to Easyflash II section below.

Product Data

Material Polyisobutylene (PIB) with Aluminium rib mesh insert and butyl adhesive edges
Surface colors Brown/Anthracite(Black)/Red
Length of roll 10m
Width of roll 280mm

Monier EasyFlash Plus and Wakastrip

EasyFlash Plus is a watetight dry fix solution which replaces the commonly used zinc/metal wall flashing. It is made of stretchable material with aluminium (upto 50% of its initial width). This will ensure neat and tidy installation that will seal the adjoining roof tiles and walls. Its durability is further enhanced by the use of self-adhesive butyl backing that will remain fixed onto dust free area and sealing off corners and joints of the application area.

Installing the Easyflash Plus with Wakastrip

Product Data

Material Coated aluminium composite with self-adhesive butyl
Width 250mm / 280mm
Length 5m Operating Temperature -20 ° C To 80° C
Thickness 2.7mm Application temperature range + 5° C to 40° C
Colors Anthracite (Black), Brown / Red Storage Condition < 30° C up to 2 years

Monier Toplight (Translucent Tile)


Lighting up your garden, car porch or even your kitchen with natural ligth is made easy with Monier Toplight products. Made of high quality acrylic (Polymethyl Methacrylate) or PMMA. Monier Toplight is available for Monier Toscana, Mediterranno, Advanced Contour, Nordica, Legacy and Elabana profile.


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