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Terreal Romane EVO(Clay Roofing)

Created more than half a century ago, the Romane has benefited from all technological advances in design and manufacturing. Found all over Southern Europe and Southeast Asia, it is a true classic with proven reliability and easy to install. With its pure lines and powerful streamlined curve, coming in a comprehensive range of colours, it covers traditional homes as well as contemporary constructions. Manufactured in Malaysia, you can be sure of its quality and local adaptability, backed by a unique 10 years warranty.

Product Data

Dimension(mm) 282mm x 428mm
Weight (kg) 3.8
Length Batten Gauge(mm) 368 ± 6mm
Tiles per ㎡ 12
Weight per ㎡ 45.6
Minimum Pitch* 19°

*Depending on location and wind speed

Color Chart

Modern Glaze Colors

The colours shown here are reproduced as close to the original as display technology allows. For best accuracy on the colour selection,refer to the actual tile.


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