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ASC Pavers

ASC Concrete Pavers

ASC Paver Blocks have been used in a variety beautification projects throughout Malaysia. Its usage is a testament to their versatility and durability.

ASC Paver Blocks projects can be found in :-

  • Walkways, pedestrian malls, driveways, bicycle paths, patios, pool decks, erosion control, temporary paving
  • Public parking, bus stops, service roads, maintenance areas, residential streets
  • City streets, intersections, gas stations, loading decks, loading ramps
  • Container terminals, aircraft parking aprons

Unique features of ASC paver blocks

  • Durability and minimal maintenance
  • Resistance to weather and fungal attacks
  • Interlocking characteristic
  • Architectural beautification
  • Flexbility and easy access to underground utility services
  • Low unit cost and easy installation

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Product Specifications

Product Name Thickness (mm) Weight (Kg) Dimension (Length x Width x Thickness) Pcs/㎡ Colours Available Pcs/Pallet
Platz 80 7 200mm x 200mm x 80mm 25 Red/Grey/Black 360 pcs
Quinpave 60 2.65 198mm x 98mm x 60mm 50 Red/Grey/Black 756 pcs
Quinpave 80 3.45 198mm x 98mm x 80mm 50 Red/Grey/Black 648 pcs
Quinpave 100 4.40 198mm x 98mm x 100mm 50 Red/Grey/Black 540 pcs
ASC Paver 60 3.30 222mm x 111mm x 60mm 39.5 Red/Grey/Black 640 pcs
ASC Paver 80 4.25 222mm x 111mm x 80mm 39.5 Red/Grey/Black 480 pcs
ASC Paver 100 5.55 225mm x 112mm x 100mm 38.47 Red/Grey/Black 400 pcs
Rosenberg Grass Paver 80 5.64 225mm x 225mm x 80mm 19.2 Grey 240 pcs
ASC Grass Paver 80 9.8 345mm x 222mm x 80mm 13.2 Grey 144 pcs
ASC Grass Paver 100 31.7 453mm x 453mm x 100mm 4.81 Grey 40 pcs
Boomerang 60 3.5 37.3 Red/Grey/Black 480 pcs
Flora 60 3.70 219mm x 189mm x 60mm 34.7 Red/Grey/Black 576 pcs
Rosenberg Half 80 2.2 111mm x 111mm x 80mm 76.8 Red/Grey 960 pcs
Rhombus 60 2.4 248mm x 147mm x 60mm 53 Red/Grey 686 pcs

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