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BMI Monier Advanced Contour

BMI MONIER® ADVANCED CONTOUR® Roof System offers a contemporary outlook while its Kilat Tech (Malaysia 1st eco-labelled concrete roof tile) gives a glossy and shiny finish that you desire. Monier offer even-coloured and glossy single-sided tiles for non-exposed roofs; as well as consistently thorough coloured tiles for exposed roofs.

*Accelerated ageing tests performed by MONIER Technical Centre to simulate products performance under Malaysian weather conditions.

Dimensions Length 420mm
Width 330mm
Minimum Pitch 17.5°
Weight/piece 4.5 kg(+0.0,-0.30)
Weight/㎡ 43.7 kg/㎡ (+0.0, -3kg/㎡)
Minimum Headlap 75mm
Maximum Headlap 125mm
Coverage 9.7 pcs/㎡ (based on 75mm headlap)

Housing projects using BMI Monier® Advanced Contour®

Advanced Contour® Color - Advanced Pure Brown
Advanced Contour® Color - Advanced Orange

BMI Monier® Advanced Contour® Colour Chart

The colours shown here are reproduced as close to the original as display technology allows. For best accuracy on the colour selection,refer to the actual tile.

BMI Monier® Advanced Contour® Fittings

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