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BMI Monier Horizon

BMI Monier® roofs are trusted for over 50 years by Malaysian homeowners. Every product is extensively tested in BMI Monier® laboratories in Germany for extreme weather conditions.

BMI MONIER HORIZON® 8 ROOF SYSTEM by BMI Monier® is specially designed for contemporary low pitched roof. It offers proven leakproof performance, superior heat reflectivity, higher residual heat dissipation and significantly quieter acoustics to create a comfortable living environment in tropical climate.

BMI MONIER HORIZON® 8 ROOF SYSTEM is available in a selection of attractive designs and colours to achieve the minimalist design that will stand the test of time.

Product Data

Dimensions Length 420mm
Width 330mm
Minimum Pitch 8 °
Weight/piece 4.5 kg/pc
Minimum Headlap 100mm
Batten Spacing * 320mm center to center
Coverage 10.4 pcs/㎡ (based on 100mm headlap)

*Maximum rafter length is 8m at 8 °

*c/c - center to center


Project using BMI Monier Horizon 8 (Low Pitch)

BMI Monier Horizon Color Chart

The colours shown here are reproduced as close to the original as display technology allows. For best accuracy on the colour selection,refer to the actual tile.

BMI Monier Horizon Fittings

BMI Monier Horizon Installation Guideline

HT Height of standard batten +20mm
FBS First batten spacing (Approximate 300mm)
DI Distance between first batten and tilting batten (200mm - 210mm)
RBS Remaining batten spacing (320mm c/c)
LBS Last batten spacing(190mm from external surface of Fascia Board) just for monoridge

*Roof must be designed and constructed according to specified sizes and specifications.

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