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BMI Monier Logica(Clay Roofing)

Created by the prestigious Benedito Design, Logica Plana clay roof tiles excude contemporary beauty with straight lines, minimalist and clean looks. Pressed into plaster moulds and baked at high temperatures to ensure toughness and precision, Logica Plana clay roof tiles offer high durability, low water absorption (< 5%) and total flatness in line with contemporary design.

Key Features

Product Data

Length (L) 455mm
Width (W) 283mm
Batten Spacing* 330mm - 350mm
Minimum Headlap 105 mm - 125mm / 115 mm ± 10mm
Coverage 12.2pcs (based on 105mm headlap)
Weight/pc 4.7 kg/pc (approx.)
Weight/㎡ 57.4 kg/㎡ (approximate based on 12.2 pcs)
Minimum Pitch 20° (cross bond) / 25° (straight bond)

* Batten spacing has to be calculated based on actual rafter length. The maximum rafter length span 6 meters

Color Chart


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