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Monier Legacy

Whenever you see the 'MONIER® MINERAL' you can expect they are "premium tiles made of materials from nature: sand,water,clay,limestone and natural pigments". All these elements made 'MINERAL' tiles stronger & durable.

'MONIER® LEGACY™ MINERAL' roof tiles is a a modern,minimalist and exclusive tile profile with modern and vibrant colours that are perfect for modern architectural designs.

Dimensions Length 420mm
Width 330mm
Batten Spacing 310 mm - 330 mm
Minimum Headlap 90 mm
Coverage 10.1 pcs/㎡ (based on 90mm headlap)
Weight/piece 5.4 kg(+0.0,-0.40)
Weight/㎡ 54.5 kg/㎡ (+0.0, -4kg/㎡)
Minimum Pitch 25 °


Housing projects using Monier® Legacy™

Color Chart

The colours shown here are reproduced as close to the original as display technology allows. For best accuracy on the colour selection,refer to the actual tile.


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