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BMI Monier Elabana

BMI MONIER® ELABANA® Roof system has been protecting homes from the harsh tropical weather in Malaysia for over 20 years. Bringing you even more added value,BMI MONIER® has bridged all elements of World Class Industrial Excellence in roofing technology,superior quality and cost efficiency into the new BMI MONIER® ELABANA® TROPICAL Roof System.


Monier Elabana E-Red Tile

Product Data

Dimensions Length 420mm
Width 330mm
Minimum Pitch 17.5°
Weight/piece 4.2 kg(+0.0,-0.30)
Weight/㎡ 40.7 kg/㎡ (+0.0, -2.9kg/㎡)
Minimum Headlap 75mm
Maximum Headlap 125mm
Coverage 9.7 pcs/㎡ (based on 75mm headlap)

Housing project using BMI Monier Elabana Profile - Russet Brown

Colour Chart

The colours shown here are reproduced as close to the original as display technology allows. For best accuracy on the colour selection,refer to the actual tile.


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