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Monier Roofing Accessories

Monier Roofing Accessories consist Monier Leak-Proof Solution, Monier Dry Fix and Monier Roof System Components which gives homeowners peace of mind againt roof leakages while maintaining a durable and aesthetically good-looking roof.

Topflex II® (Affordable Leak-Proof Solution for Ridge/Hip)

CompactRoll II® (Ventilated Leak-Proof Solution for Ridge/Hip)

Ridge Tree (Used with CompactRoll II)

EasyFlash® Plus (Leak-Proof Solution for Wall Flashing)

Toplight® (Natural Light Solution for roofs)

Universal Domed Skylight (Natural Light Solution for roofs)

Wakaflex® (Leak-Proof Solution for abutments)

V-Pipe Set (Leak-Proof Solution for Ventilation Pipe Outlets)

Stabicor® (Strong & Stylish rainwater gutter system)

Topflex II (Affordable Leak-Proof Solution for Ridge/Hip)

TOPFLEX II is a waterproof dry fix solution specifically designed to replace traditional cement mortat for ridge and hip, offering beautiful finishing with high durability and execellent water-tightness against driving rains. Its flexible and UV-stabilized surface is lightweight and self-fixing onto dust-free surfaces with adhesive butyl lamination, safely protecting the ridge and hip against rainwater entry.


Product Data

Material Aluminium composite surface with self-adhesive high-tech compound
Surface Colors Brown/Anthracite
Length & Width Per Roll 5m x 250mm or 10m x 280mm
Weight of roll 0.95 kg/roll
Recommended Specifications MONIER TOPFLEX II Dry fix solution for ridge and hip to be installed in accordance with MONIER's recommended installation method

Topflex II is recommended for Monier Elabana Tropical(or its equivalent) and Monier Nordica (or its equivalent). Height of the tile peak should not be more than 42mm.

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CompactRoll™ II (Ventilated Leak-Proof Solution for Ridge/Hip) and Ridge Tree

COMPACTROLL™ II is a breathable, waterproof dry fix solution that not only replaces traditional cement mortar but also significantly contributes to a cooler indoor environment. It has a water-repellant sleeve with high ventilation value (in accordance to DIN 4108, part 3).


Product Data

Material PAN Flee Ventilating UV-Stabilized with coated aluminium side strips
Ventilation cross-section >1100cm2/m
Surface Colors Red / Brown / Granite
Length/roll 10m
Width/roll 295mm / 340mm
Weight/roll 2.6 kg/roll / 2.7kg/roll
Recommended Specifications MONIER COMPACTROLL II width **dry fix solution for ridge and hip in color*** to be installed with MONIER RIDGE TREE galvanized steel support with timber runner (by others) in accordance with MONIER's recommended instruction

**Please specify COMPACTROLL II Width(295mm or 340mm)

***Please specify color - Red / Brown / Granite

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Ridge Tree (To be used with CompactRoll II)

Ridge Tree is to be used with Monier CompactRoll II.

Product Data

Material Galvanised
Application 1 piece rafter at the ridge/hip
Packaging 10 pieces per bag
Recommended Specifications MONIER RIDGE TREE galvanised steel support with timber runner (by others) to be installed with MONIER COMPACTROLL II in accordance with MONIER's recommended instruction.

Monier's Compactroll II with Ridge Tree Application

Installation with Monier's Compactroll II & Ridge Tree

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Easy Flash Plus (Leak-Proof Solution for Wall Flashing)

EasyFlash Plus is a watertight dry fix solution specially designed to replace traditional metal flashing for wall flashing. It's highly strechable coated aluminium (up to 50% in roll direction) ensures neat and all-weather sealing of junctions between walls and roof tiles, while the surface provides long life durability. It has a full-adhesive butyl backing allowing for self-fixing onto dust free surfaces, sealing off corners and joints with a standing seam technique.


Product Data

Material Coated Aluminium composite with self-adhesive butyl
Width 250mm/280mm
Length 5m Operating Temperature range -20 ℃ to 80 ℃
Thickness 2.7mm Application Temperature range +5 ℃ to 40 ℃
Colors Anthracite,Brown & Red Storage Condition Less than 30 ℃ up to 2 years
Recommended Specifications MONIER EASYFLASH PLUS** is a dry fix solution for wall flashing (in colour ***) to be sealed with MONIER WAKASTRIP (in colour ****) to be installed in accordance with MONIER's recommended installation method.

**please specify Easyflash Plus width (250mm, 280mm)

***please specify colour (Anthracite, Brown & Red)

****please specify colour (Red, Brown & Grey)

Applying the EasyFlash Plus

Applying the EasyFlash Plus with Wakastrip

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Toplight - Natural Light Solution for roofs

Toplight is a transparent and interlocking tile that allows entry of natural light. Made from highly durable and high stength acyrlic for weather-proofing, it is the only transparent tile that is compliant to MONIER Technical Centre standards to fit the fill range of MONIER's conrete roofing tiles.


Product Data

Material Weatherproof and transparent PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate)
Light Transmissibility 90% - 95%
Heat resistance Up to 80℃
Dimension 330mm (W) x 420mm(L) according to roof tile model
Recommended Specifications MONIER® Toplight® (transparent weatherproof tiles) for MONIER® tile profile/roof system** complete with MONIER® tile screws and washers to be installed in accordance with MONIER's recommended installation method.

**please select roof tile mode/roof system (Legacy®, Perspective®, Contour®, Nordica®, Elabana®)

Each packaging of Toplight contains - the transparent tile, screws with washers and tile clip

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Wakaflex® Leak Proof for abutments

Wakaflex® is a premium grade dry fix abutment solution that ensures waterproofing on critical areas of the roof. The surface of Wakaflew® is dirt-repelling and smooth, making it an excellent choice to increase the aesthetic value of your roof. Its rollable 5 sheet laminate has a unique self-welding feature that follows for easier and better finishing around any roof tiles and even complicated areas.


Product Data

Material Polyisobutylene (PIB) with aluminium rib mesh insert and butyl adhesive edges
Surface Colours Brown/Anthracite/Red
Length/roll 10m
Width/roll 280mm
Weight/roll 10kg/roll
Recommended Specifications MONIER Wakaflex® dry fix solution for abutment in colour** to be sealed with MONIER Wakastrip in colour*** to be installed in accordance with MONIER's recommended instruction.

**please specify colour (Brown/Anthracite/Red) ***(Red,Brown.Grey)

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Universal Domed SkyLight (Natural Light Solution for roofs)

MONIER® Universal Domed SkyLight is a roof window made from translucent and high impact-resistant polycarbonate that allows entry of natural light and ventilation. Its pleated apron makes it universally adaptable to all roof tiles and its adjustable hinges enables the roof window to be opened from the left, right, top or bottom.


Product Data

Material Plastic frame, reinforced dome-skylight made of highly translucent, impact-resistant polycarbonate, apron made of special plastic, through-coloured and mouldable
Application Converted lofts, exits to roof, and illumination and ventilation of the attic
Length 760mm (approx.)
Width 705mm (approx.)
Access Opening 508mm x 478mm (approx.)
Recommended Specification MONIER® Universal Domed Skylight high impact-resistant skylight for roofs to be installed in accordance with MONIER's recommened instruction, *Only available in red.

Optimum energy usage efficiency is possible with MONIER Solar Water Heating system. Used together with Universal Domed Skylight it is possible with zero electricity needs. For more information about click MONIER Solar Water Heating System

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V-Pipe Set (Leak-Proof Solution for Ventilation pipe outlets)

MONIER® V-Pipe is a dry fix roof outlet solution that consists of a special roof tile, flexible link hose, rubber wedges and cable ties. The watertight sleeve may be cut into desired size to fit the vent pipe perfectly, resulting in a leak-proof and aesthetic beauty compared to metal flashing.


Product Data

Material(Tile) Concrete roof tile with EPDM(Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomoer) sleeve
Fixing nails Battening 10g x 62.5mm wire nails | Tiling 10g x 62.5 galvanised nails
Maximum vent pipe size 110mm outer diameter
Recommended Specifications MONIER® V-Pipe set is a dry fix roof outlet solution to suit MONIER® roof tile profiles/roof system ** (in colour ***) complete with MONIER® elastomer sleeve, MONIER® rubber wedge, MONIER® cable tile and MONIER® flexible link hose to be installed in accordance with MONIER's recommended installation method.

**select roof tile profiles/roof system (Legacy® , Perspective® ,Mediterrano® , Contour® ,Nordica® ,Elabana® )

***please specify colour as per colour chart for each tile profiles

V-Pipe complete set
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StabiCor® (Strong & Stylish rainwater gutter system)

StabiCor® is a high quality rainwater management solution that is designed with exceptional durability and reliability, thus offering a long-lasting preventive solution to curb algae growth on walls and maintain the beauty of your house. It is made from high tensile Aluminium Zinc for enduring colour consistency and corrosion resistance to withstand our harsh weather conditions. It also enhances the water-tightness of the roof and ensures that direct rainwater impact onto the lower roof and accumulation of drainage can be prevented.

StabiCor's unique design is intended to cater to our tropical weather, hence it ability to catch high volumes of rainwater. With up to 6m of seamless gutter length, innovative invisible brackets and classic design, StabiCor® offers excellent aesthetic value and is ideal for both contemporary and traditional building structures.


Product Data - Rainwater gutter Please refer pic below

Base Material Aluminium Zinc G550-AZ150
Girth Size 450 mm / 600 mm
Material Thickness 0.47 mm TCT
Standard Colours Brown / Grey / Beige
Bracket Spacing 1.2 m (concealed-type)

Product Data - Rainwater downpipe Please refer pic below

Base Material UPVC
Type Round
Inner Diameter 100mm
Remarks SIRIM approved

Monier StabiCor® Components
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